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Cause N Dog Rescue is a vocal advocate for the neglected, abused and dumped animals in our community. We hope that one day the lack of and care free perspective of animal welfare will one day change. 

Animal Rescue isn't seasonal, which is why our year-round rescue needs you! Devote an afternoon to these sweet babies we help daily. Every week we are taking trips to the vet. Giving baths, meds and leash walks. They need you....

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At Cause N Dog Rescue and adoptions in Snow Hill NC, we take in the most severe rescue cases. Most of our dogs come in with broken bones, injuries, abrasions, mange, pregnant and homeless. We are also one of the only facilities able to take in and rehabilitate feral dogs. Our space is limited so we try to make sure each adult large and medium dog space is primarily saved for the hurt and broken. Typically we do not offer owner surrenders on dogs 20 pounds or over, due to available space. Small breeds and puppies get adopted much faster, therefore, we are able to do more owner surrenders for them.


Urgent Projects

Amanda Unruh


We have 3 kennels connected to a house where they have a doggy door going to an inside space that is heated and air conditioned. ​We are currently building 2, 4 foot block walls with custom chain link going up 6 foot. One is done 2 more to go.....

Dogs are family!

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Rescue in Action at Cause N Dog Rescue in Snow Hill North Carolina

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