In California Cathy and her husband, George Scroggins ran a pest control business for 25 years. They also had a ranch caring for many animals such as; pigs, goats, horses, cows, chickens, birds, rabbits, and even a turkey. George passed away in 2008. Cathy retired from her job as quality control and moved to North Carolina where her daughter Tyra Scroggins was currently living. 

In 2005 Tyra Scroggins received her B.A. in California than moved to Connecticut where she worked in B2B marketing, advertising and sales and was also working in website and graphic design on the side. in 2009 she moved to North Carolina and started an online web development company and was working in retail management. 

It makes sense that once the duo joined forces they started a rescue organization! Not being from the area they realized just how much it was needed. Many dogs being left on the streets and uncared for. They worked tirelessly to become a licensed animal shelter and dedicated their home and lives to it. 

Cynthia and Dom Carano

Meet Cynthia and Dom! They work very hard helping the organization raise funds to make sure we can continue to rescue as many animals as we can.  These two have a clear understanding how costly it is taking in any animal but even more so when they come with health complications. Whether we pick up an animal that was hit and left on the side of the road or find one with severe abrasions or neglect, Cynthia is on it, updating our supporters! You can be sure to meet them at any of our fundraising events.  We are extremely thankful to have these two amazing people in our corner! 

Our founders


Katie Sturges

Katie has been with us since the beginning! 5 days a week she's out here loving dogs and cleaning up after them. There's nothing she can't do! A true animal lover and mom of 2 boys, working 6 days a week! Her continued dedication to the rescue is greatly appreciated and needed. We couldn't be more grateful to have her. Since my mom passed away, Katie has been my rock. She helps Keep things in tip top shape and helping us continue on as needed.


   Working in rescue was supposed to be a part-time commitment, but it became a life-long journey. I'm so fortunate to be able to impact the lives of these unfortunate souls, all while working alongside with some of the most passionate, driven and dedicated volunteers, advocates and rescuers. 


In 2012 we searched for rescue help due to so many animals in the area needing help. The Wilson County Humane Society stepped up and we started fostering for them as we found dogs in need for the area. I want to say we fostered over a hundred dogs and puppies through their rescue. A couple of years later we decided to become our own rescue. We've since rescued over a thousand dogs through our rescue.

Cathy Scroggins passed away January 2nd, 2018 leaving Tyra to carry on the legacy in honor of her mother. 


Dogs are family!

our team

Nicole Bubb

Nicole handles all of the adoption applications that are submitted to our rescue.  She makes the whole application process run amazingly smooth for both us, and you!  She knows and understands how important quality homes are to each and every one of our animals.  We couldn't be more thankful that she is willing to take on such a huge responsibility that, to some, would be considered a full time job. Making sure our animals get nothing less than a loving, quality Fur-ever home. 

Stephanie Velazquez

Stephanie handles the brunt of our social media pages. We send her whats going on she keeps you updated! Not only is she constantly keeping or followers updated but she also works full time and comes to the rescue to volunteer multiple times a week! We are very grateful to her dedication and the important roll she takes on in social media. She lets you know what we need, when we need it!