Dogs are family!

Becoming a foster means you become the dogs' savior. We become the dogs' money bag. We have about 30 to 40 dogs on site to choose from. We match the right dog for the right home and/or needs. Some Fosters go through many dogs at the shelter giving them each one on one time and giving us feedback on what the dog's profiles will be for adoption. We do not do foster to adopt through this process. To adopt you'll need to fill out this application here 

We cover vet expenses but you’ll need to be able to the pup to and from the vet as if it was your own.

We cover supplies but you’ll need to communicate with us as to what’s needed and pick up as you would going to the store to purchase it. As a foster, you'll need to be able to take the pup to and from either the rescue or the vet and get him/her to the adoption events regularly. this is a requirement, or they'll never get adopted! Exposure is the number 1 reason our adult dogs get adopted!

DOG foster application

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All the dogs at the rescue could use some one on one foster family love! In home care is so important to help them find homes! All the dogs at the rescue could use some one on one!