Dogs are family!


We stand by our rescued dogs for the life of the dog. If for any reason you decide you are no longer able to keep the dog you adopted from CNDR you are to return the dog back to CNDR. We do not allow you to rehome the dog on your own in fear of it not being a suitable home. If there's someone you know that wants the dog, they will need to fill out an adoption application. From the adoption date, we do have a 2-week return policy refund for health and temperamental reasons. If your new dog or existing pets do not all get along or if there's a problem with the dog's temperament towards you or others in the home, or if the dog ends up unknowingly sick during these 2 weeks, we will refund you the adoption fee on request at the time of the return. We do not offer refunds if you do not want the dog anymore for any other reasons.